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Capture buyers at the top of the buying funnel.

List your dealership information and inventory across our library
of directory sites.

  • Expand Online Presence

  • Capitalize on Local Markets

  • Elevate Brand Awareness

  • Improve Organic Search Rankings (Non-paid)

  • Increase Backlink Profile


Higher converting, fully tracked, local traffic driven directly to your main website. Generate more 1st generation leads for your dealership! Capture ready to purchase car buyers in your competitors backyard.

Highest Conversion Rate in the Industry!

We are the highest converting vendor in the Automotive Industry, Per Google Analytics, 3 Years Running. Our DealerLeads platform is a combination of 15 years of solid, real-time data, research, skill, and development, as well as 20 years of digital marketing/auto industry experience. 

We are a performance-based system, therefore you only pay for the traffic you receive. We are also the ONLY vendor in the industry to have a bounce rate guarantee of 25%.

Our Entire System is Fully Trackable and Google Compliant

All traffic is tracked and reported unbiasedly by Google Certified account managers via our sister company Dealer Analytics.

According to existing client feedback, the exclusive traffic / customers generated by our system have a closing to sale ratio of 20% to 45%. We’ve had success for all automotive brands across the nation and over time our platform keeps getting stronger.

You will decide on a monthly traffic budget for your dealership and we simply charge $3.75 per click. You’re only charged for the traffic you receive. No risk, all reward!

Laser Targeted Campaigns

Capture Local Car Buyers

"Ready to purchase" car buyers are captured by our (Behavioral and GEO targeted) classified sites as well as custom brand specific research pages developed for your dealership.

We list our client’s inventory on exclusive classified websites, and then advertise these sites in competitor zip codes via PPC and social media. We then redirect these serious car buyers directly to your dealerships main website through call to action buttons on your VDPs.

Both the classified sites and the research pages generate thousands of backlinks to your website that help lift your visibilty in organic search rankings.


We monitor and report weekly / monthly on the performance of your website traffic through your Google Analytics. We'll alert you to any issues and work with your other vendors and/or web company to correct issues that are affecting your website's lead generation.

Conflict Resolution

Continual Campaign Optimization

Monthly Reporting

Weekly Reports Optional

Goal Setup

Track Your Calls To Action

Provide / Manage Backlink Profile

Track All Of Your Backlink Providers

Google Analytics Training

Gain A Full Understanding of Tracking

Dedicated Concierge

Google Certified Account Managers

Dealer Analytics


Take full control of your inventory and the management thereof. Our back-end system allows dealers to upload unlimited pictures, offers craigslist and ebay posting tools, facilitates unlimited exports to third party vendors, provides analytics about all the cars in your line up, and much more!

Inventory Analytics


Inventory Management


The Roadmap

Here's a look back at how we have grown.


A car dealerships one stop shop to improve online image, increase web traffic, and generate more first generation leads.

We list your inventory across our network of classified sites. Fully tracked, local, "ready to purchase", car buyers will be driven directly to your SEO modified, mobile responsive website.

Our system generates thousands of backlinks also helping to increase the organic ranking of your website. All users are tracked and reports are generated monthly, using Google Analytics.

  • Listing on 350 Classified Websites
  • Custom Built Mobile Responsive Website
  • Expert SEO Modifications
  • Improved Organic Search Rankings
  • Monthly Traffic and Website Reporting


See for yourself what current clients have to say about our company and the results they have experienced.

Crown CDJR -
Ventura, CA
Dealer Leads has been one of our top vendors since we signed up for their program in September 2015. They consistently over-deliver on traffic and what they send to our website is high quality and high converting. Dealer Leads is great about calling to check in every month and making changes to their program to help support specials and promotions.
Buckalew Chevrolet - Conroe, TX
We can confirm marketing efforts through our Google Analytics reports. Their strong Google Analytics knowledge helps us analyze the performance of Dealer Leads and all of our other vendors. When we need their help, they are always there and eager to assist with excellent customer service.
Rotolo CDJR -
N. Charleroi, PA
Using DealerLeads since September of 2015 gives us a laser focus on all of our marketing efforts, not just their program. We have been able to sort out the dead wood and save money by cutting out vendors who have no value. Dealer Leads is our source for higher converting customers directed to our website and where we turn to for marketing strategy.


Here's a bit more information regarding each individual company. If you have further questions, get in touch via the contact form below.

How do I know I'll receive local customers

All of our sites read the users IP address, and show vehicles closest to them first. You will be receiving leads from ready to purchase buyers in your backyard.

How many sites will I be listed on

Up to date, accurate information about your dealership with be posted on 25 different directory sites, all targeting your local marketplace.

What is the advantage to being listing on these sites

We only work with a select amount of dealers in a market place therefore you will acquire local search exclusivity on 25 sites, and attract customers from your competitors backyard. See your brand awareness rise as well as your sales!

How is the user information captured and delivered to me?

There are no forms on any of our sites. Instead they simply offer link menus directing the consumer straight to your main website. We do not capture any user information, or resell leads.

How does DealerLeads compare to other Automotive vendors out there?

According to Google, on average, DealerLeads is the top producing vendor for our clients. This is determined by tracked DealerLeads referral activity in your dealership Google Analytics. Our conversion ratio is typically 1 1/2 to 3 times higher than the dealership's overall average conversion ratio.

How does DealerLeads help my dealership sell more cars?

Once the DealerLeads Campaign is launched, filtered, exclusive, and local prospects relevant to your dealership brand(s) and offerings will begin generating instantly, and sent directly to your dealer website; You will gain exclusive, real-time prospects engaging with you on your website, filling out preferred forms on your site, connecting to your click to call, chat and so on; You are the only one capturing the customer information, we do not;

How does DealerLeads capture online prospects?

With 3000+ Automobile relevant classified sites to choose from, we will place your inventory in the specific classified sites that match your dealership offerings. Local prospects are captured by our (Behavioral and GEO targeted) classified sites as well as custom research pages developed for your dealership representing your brand(s); Over time you will gain organic indexed results on Google from the research pages which will take up spaces in search and push down the competition, helping you to dominate that 1st page of search;

How do I know DealerLeads is viable?

We succeed across the nation for all brands and over time our platform gets stronger; DealerLeads is transparent and all prospects that are sent to the dealer website, as well as activity, is tracked in your Google Analytics. We are performance-based, so if we do not perform you do not pay.

How is Dealer Analytics able to get information about my website?

Dealer Analytics utilizes 4 separate reporting tools to analyze the quality of your website and all its traffic sources - Google Analytics, SEM Rush, MOZ, and Ahrefs.

What kinds of insights can Dealer Analytics provide?

Dealer Analytics reports on the quality of each of your traffic sources by analyzing metrics such as traffic volume, bounce rates, conversion rates and other engagement metrics, so you can make decisions about which vendors are sending quality visitors to your site. Dealer Analytics also does a full health check up on the website, checking for detrimental backlinks, Javascript errors, page speed inhibitors, and other issues that may negatively affect the site's quality scores.

Do I need to give Dealer Analytics access to my website HTML?

No, Dealer Analytics only needs access to your Google Analytics. We create two new Views in Analytics, install a complete set of Goals in each, and work exclusively within those Views. The rest of the reporting tools can be used independently.

What is the cost for Dealer Analytics services?

Dealer Analytics is $269 per month for unlimited access to your dedicated Google Analytics Certified Analyst, who handles all of your reporting, questions, and requests personally. The price can be locked in with either a 12 or 24 month contract,

How many vehicles and pictures can I upload?

You are allowed unlimited vehicles uploads, and can drag and drop as many pictures per vehicle as you’d like as well.

Am I able to make adjustments to my inventory myself, or do I need to call a support line to do so?

You will have full control of your inventory through our back end system. Easily add and delete vehicles, adjust pricing, upload pictures and video, print custom window stickers, and utilize our craigslist and eBay posting tools.

Are you able to export my inventory to other companies I advertise with? If so, how much will it cost to do so?

We will export your entire inventory to any vendor that you advertise with free of charge. Inventory feed information is exported to vendors every 8-24 hours.

How often will the inventory feed information be sent out to third party vendors?

Yes. We are the only vendor to allow for multiple image masks per export. There will be no questions about who owns your inventory. Now your logo and branding will always appear on the first image of every car!

I like to current design of my website, do I have to use yours in order to benefit from the program?

It is not absolutely required, however it is highly recommended. This is how we are able to implement our expert SEO tactics, and greatly increase organic search rankings.

If I want to make a change to my website, how long will it take?

After a quick call or email to support, In many cases adjustments can be made same day. More in-depth changes may take 24-48 hours at most.

Am I able to customize my site?

Yes, all of our sites are completely customizable to the branding and marketing efforts of your dealerships. Our design team will create all new custom art work for your banner ads as well!

How will I know if the new site and program are working?

A dedicated google certified account manager will report all traffic and web activity to your dealership on a monthly basis. You will now know exactly how all of your vendors are performing based on unbiased google analytics tracking and analysis.

Get In Touch

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